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Auto Solutions Ltd.
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FAQs - Automotive Sales Division

Q. Where are you located?

Q. What hours are you open?

Q. Can I test drive a vehicle that interests me?

Q. Are all of your vehicles for sale at the same location?

Q. How should I prepare for vehicle shopping in Bermuda?

Q. Why choose Auto Solutions?

Q. Aside from personal preference, which is better for Bermuda’s driving conditions automatic or standard transmission?

Q. Are there factors to consider regarding Bermuda’s climate?

Q. Are there options to choose from on my new car?

Q. Can I have a personalized license plate?

Q. Can you deliver my new car?

Q. Can I keep my license number from my old car?

Q. Do you take trade-ins?

Q. How long does it take to get my car ready for the road?

Q. How do I obtain vehicle insurance for my new car?

Q. Does it matter what insurance company I chose?

Q. What information will my chosen insurance company require?

Q. What paperwork is required?

Q. Can you assist with financing my new car?

FAQs - Parts Division

Q. Where is your parts department located?

Q. What are your hours of operation?

Q. What Information do I need to provide to order parts or accessories for my vehicle?

Q. Why do I need to give you my vehicle’s VIN?

Q. Can I email you a request for price and availability for parts for my vehicle?

Q. If the part I need is not in stock can you order it?

Q. How long do special order parts take to arrive?

Q. How do you determine what is special order and what is regular stock?

Q. Can I return parts that I don’t use?

Q. Why don’t you accept returns on electrical part?

FAQs - After Sales Division

Q. Where are you located?

Q. What hours are you open?

Q. What time will my car be ready?

Q. What time will they start working on my car?

Q. As I am the first customer here, will my car be worked on first?

Q. Does your shuttle just take customers into town?

Q. Can I speak to the Manager?

Q. Why are your labour rates so high?

Q. Are Taxis / commercial vehicles given priority?

Q. Is my car cleaned before I collect it?

Q. Will I receive a call prior to any additional work being carried out?

Q. Do you have all the parts in stock?

Q. Do you have a body shop?

Q. If you have not got the parts how long will it take to get the parts?

Q. Can I wait for my car to be repaired?

Q. Who do I contact to see if my vehicle is ready for collection?