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Rust Check

In 2014 Auto Solutions implemented Rust Check, a rust proofing service used widely throughout North America. This service was previously outsourced, but the company installed the equipment to be able offer this service in house in order to control costs for the consumer. Rust Check is a mandatory rust proofing application that is applied to all new vehicles before they go on the road in order to protect them from Bermuda’s harsh climate.

Rust Check is a premier automobile body panel protectant that is a light liquid product applied to inside body sections as a pressurized spray. Crevice areas hidden inside body sections, such as joints, folds, seams, and spot welds therein are the places where corrosion starts and spreads from. Rust Check has the light liquid consistency and the active additives necessary to penetrate deeply into and protect the many vulnerable crevices found in today’s vehicles.

Rust Check protects metals by displacing moisture and treating the surfaces with highly effective corrosion inhibitors. The corrosion inhibitors form an adsorbed (bonded) layer on the metal surfaces. This microscopic layer acts like a series of tiny umbrellas, shielding the surfaces from water molecules. Just as a car battery will not work without its electrolyte, metal corrosion will not occur if moisture does not contact the metal.

Auto Solutions Ltd.
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